Top 5 Discus Myths

So many fake stories are told about keeping Discus, mostly from people who don’t have a clue or have never kept Discus.

We will put to rest 5 popular myths about keeping Discus that have been around too long!

How To Quarantine Discus

It is vital that you quarantine Discus after purchase. Parasites can invade and destroy your happy Discus environment in days. With just a few extra precautions you can avoid disaster.

Read how to quarantine your Discus and what to look for before you buy Discus. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

How To Select New Discus

Finding great Discus requires recognizing a few key details. By focusing on these key details that are described below, I have found, owned and re-sold exceptional Discus.

In this article we share what to look for when selecting and purchasing new Discus.

Discus In The Wild

Keeping Discus is a great hobby and for some lucky few a profession. Success with Discus is simple, understanding where Discus come from answers so many questions. All who keep Discus can benefit greatly by learning the origins of Discus and their natural habitat.

In this article we explain a few key principles about the Discus native environment. Understanding these key principles will help in keeping healthy Discus for many years.

How To Have Perfect Discus Water

Want perfect Discus water in your tank? Tired of fussing with chemicals and RO systems? Unless your backyard is the Amazon river you need to read this. Having perfect Discus water in your tank is easier than you think.

In this article we will cover some tips on how to have the best Discus water in your tank!