What To Know Before Breeding Discus

Breeding Discus is a lot of fun, but make no mistake, it is a labor of love. I have met so many people who breed Discus for just as many reasons. Like many new endeavors there is a lot that goes into breeding Discus.

In this article we have put together a quick guide to cover a few pitfalls and expensive mistakes one can make when starting to breed Discus.

Buying Discus Via Classifieds

Some of the best deals and starter Discus you can buy are found in local classified ads. Sometimes hobbyist can turn out better fed and bred Discus than those found at the local fish store.

Really good hobbyist become great sources of information as well as a great source of Discus.

In this article we will talk about how to find Discus, what to take with you and how to strike a deal.

Massive Discus Growth – Jack Wattley Experiment

Massive Discus Growth

Back in 2002 at the American Cichlid Association annual convention, I sat in the front rows with my video camera to watch Jack Wattley, a man who needs no introduction in the Discus world.

Mr. Wattley went on to share one of the single most important trade secrets to explosive Discus growth that he discovered in his experiments with Discus.

In this article I will try to recall from memory what was shared that evening as well as reference from articles later written by Mr. Wattley.

Choosing Discus Tankmates

Choosing Discus Tank Mates

Picking the perfect tank mates is super easy. Why? Because there are not many to select from! Discus require plenty of space to swim about and claim as there own territory. Avoiding naturally territorial tank mates goes a long way to keeping happy and healthy Discus.

In this article we talk about what fish make the perfect tank mates for Discus and some not so obvious choices to avoid.

Discus Love Clean Water

Discus Water Changes

Clean water is key to keeping happy and healthy Discus. This doesn’t have to do with your water chemistry or reverse osmosis filtration. Just simply a super clean tank with a constant exchange of new fresh clean water for your Discus.

In this article we talk about several ways to keep your water clean and how to do it without fancy equipment like reverse osmosis filters.

Discus Love Warm Water

Discus Love Warm Water

Keeping Discus is a lot of fun and a little known fact is that if you keep a steady temperature you can actually help keep your Discus healthy.

In this article we explain how making sure to keep a constant temperature in the tank can save you some heart ache. Plus we share a few secret tips on how to prevent unexpected dips and spikes in temperatures that could kill your Discus!