Discus In The Wild

Keeping Discus is a great hobby and for some lucky few a profession. Success with Discus is simple, understanding where Discus come from answers so many questions. All who keep Discus can benefit greatly by learning the origins of Discus and their natural habitat.

In this article we explain a few key principles about the Discus native environment. Understanding these key principles will help in keeping healthy Discus for many years.

Buying Discus Via Classifieds

Some of the best deals and starter Discus you can buy are found in local classified ads. Sometimes hobbyist can turn out better fed and bred Discus than those found at the local fish store.

Really good hobbyist become great sources of information as well as a great source of Discus.

In this article we will talk about how to find Discus, what to take with you and how to strike a deal.

Choosing Discus Tankmates

Choosing Discus Tank Mates

Picking the perfect tank mates is super easy. Why? Because there are not many to select from! Discus require plenty of space to swim about and claim as there own territory. Avoiding naturally territorial tank mates goes a long way to keeping happy and healthy Discus.

In this article we talk about what fish make the perfect tank mates for Discus and some not so obvious choices to avoid.