Discus Tank Placement

When setting up a Discus tank many overlook one simple thing… Where to put the tank!

Find out the best tips to pick the best place to put your Discus tank.

Why Read This?

If you are setting up a new Discus tank read carefully. Here are reasons why you need to pay close attention to where you setup your new Discus Tank.

  • Water spills can ruin your flooring
  • To many people walking by can spook your Discus
  • To much light can cause algae to grow out of control
  • Sounds can freak your Discus out
  • Just because you are a night person doesn’t mean your Discus are
  • Proximity to water source
  • Once you setup the tank you will hate taking it apart to move it again

These are just a few. Let’s take a look at the official checklist.

Discus Tank Placement Checklist

Below is what in our experience has proven to be the best checklist to follow. It’s not the end all of lists. If you have more to share use the comment form below.

  • Avoid Windows – By avoiding direct sunlight you will limit the amount of algae growth that happens in your tank. This is more for you sanity.
  • Avoid High Traffic Areas – People walking by can spook your Discus and cause them to bump around in the tank.
  • Keep At Adult Levels – Small kids love tanks! Love smacking them anyway… So be kind to your Discus and keep them at Adult height.
  • Close To Water – Water changes are important. Plan your water changing path and proximity.
  • Solid Ground – Water weights 8 pounds per gallon. Make sure the floor can hold up your tank!
  • Climate Control – Avoid vents or windows that could cause the water temperature to spike or drop.
  • Use Stands – Bricks and blocks are for buildings and gardens. Not for holding up your tank. Get a tank stand.
  • Spill Guard – Prepare for water on the floor ahead of time. Treat carpet or floors against water spills.

The list above should help avoid some tank placement issues. A little bit of planning can go a long way.

Questions For You?

Have you made any tank placement errors?

Have any tank placement suggestions?

9 thoughts on “Discus Tank Placement”

  1. I need help, my discus are on their sides at the surface in a group and very dark. They will eat but then regroup. They are not gasping. The water is perfect. I have changed it twice since this behaviour 4 days ago.

  2. Hmm… can you provide your water parameters?

    Turning dark is due to stress either external or internal… without more information it is hard to “guess” what is going on with your Discus.

    Discus will go to the surface for only three reasons… To eat… Its warmer up there… or to get Oxygen… You say they are eating… what temp is the water? do you have airstones in the tank?

    Keep us updated…

  3. will discus go dark due to their surroundings? iv got 7 discus 3 blue 4 red. about 2 weeks ago i move them into a bigger tank. the water is from the same place and the tank has been running for years. but the blues have gone darker and the only difference is that the last tank had white sand and this one has black gravel??? wasnt sure though

    1. Hi Tizzie,

      You know I noticed that blue colored discus will turn a bit darker based on the backdrop of the tank or gravel color… Mostly in Blue Diamond Discus…

      Im sure the darker color may also be caused by stress of the move…

      Just keep an eye on them and eventually behavior will let you know if it is stress or just some sort of survival camouflage…


  4. hi

    i have my cornertank in the dining room corner

    my discus are happy eating but shy away wenn i approach or someone walks in ther room i have had these guys now for 6 weeks there is a door on the left side of the tank
    yesterday one of them got burned on heater i have had this heater for a while now wihout any problems i have now ordered a heater guard and will place that discus in a hopital tank
    with huey hung bacterial killer

    is there any way to tame my discus

    thank you

    1. Hi Gerald,

      Discus over a long period of time will get to know who you are… Mostly because they learn through repetition to recognize the person who feeds them every day, month after month and year after year… LOTS OF REPETITION!

      Discus are fish and not pets… they have not been domesticated like dogs and cats… even dogs and cats will show their wild side… They cannot be “tamed” nor should they be…

      The purpose of keeping Discus is to observe them and appreciate how they behave as close to their real natural state as possible… Replicate their natural environment and feed them well so they can breed…

      Sorry but if you are looking to “tame” Discus… then maybe Discus is not for you?

  5. hello ive had discus since nov 2009 ..they have all been well n had a water change every few days …i have 7 discus in the tank n its a big tank…the water is ok n temp is ok (82) n r eating ok but one has recently nose down as though feeding on the floor n doesnt look very well…any ideas to what the cause of this is …it has not lost its colours or gone dark just nose down all the time …please help many thanks dave

  6. hi there! is it ok if i mix the discus with another type of fish in the tank? right now i have 2 discus with 4 congo tetra and some zebra and algae eater..they look ok but the discus always creep in the corner and dont eat yet its been 3 days please advise thank you.

  7. hi, please help me with my discus! there were 2 but one of them died of too much feeding 2 weeks ago. the other one has got aggressive and acts strange. it doesn’t eat enough and has some sudden moves in the tank which scares the other fish… please let me knoe what to do to rescue this one from death..

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