How To Find The Best Discus Breeder

Everyone knows that finding a great Discus breeder is essential. You are going to spend money on Discus you depend on living a long time and even reproducing. So how do you find the best Discus breeder?

Allow me to share with you now my experiences on how to find the best Discus breeder.

Great Discus Breeders Don’t Hide

Discus breeders who are a great never hide anything. They usually advertise in local papers or in magazines like Tropical Fish Hobbyist. It is not uncommon for great breeders to be forum moderators or sponsors of forums. A great breeder is almost always bursting to share information on what he/she is doing and has tons of pictures to show everyone.

When looking for a great Discus breeder make sure you do not confuse a seasoned breeder with an over enthusiastic beginner. Many people get “lucky” with a pair that will breed no matter what. This has nothing much to do with food or environment. It just happens. Just be clear on the breeders history and what you are looking to purchase.

When looking for a great Discus breeder I typically look in:

  • Forums
  • Online Classifieds
  • Local Newspapers
  • Trade Magazines
  • Trade Conferences

Each of the point list above is an article topic on its own. With time we will write about each one. For now though, do your due diligence and scour everything at your disposal to find a great Discus breeder. This way knowledge is on your side. If you should run into a snake oil type salesman trying to sell you sub-par Discus you will recognize the scam right away.

Great Discus Breeders Are Not Easy To Find

It’s frustrating, I know this. You are ready to buy Discus, but where? Unlike other items you may purchase, instant gratification does not apply to Discus. It’s more of, be ready to buy all you can when you finally find great Discus.

So you looked in all the local places, papers and fish stores. You found nothing. Uggh, its a crappy feeling, but wait, hold out. Here is what you do.

Research and find a Discus breeder that is within reasonable driving distance. I know you were hoping to find someone local, but hey, that’s how it works out sometimes. Venturing out for a drive accomplishes a few things:

  • You leave the house! (obvious, but some people seem pretty attached to their homes)
  • Meet new breeders and see what they do
  • Get Discus from new bloodlines
  • Find Discus that maybe a rare or new strain
  • Expand your knowledge on Discus and how/what to buy

Aside from a drive to a new city and getting to meet new people (talk about a downside), you put yourself in a great position to experience something new and learn.

Great Discus Breeders Are Life Long Friends

Believe it or not, in this huge world, their are but a few people who are really dedicated to Discus. If you are fortunate to live in a proximity to great Discus breeders and hobbyist, consider yourself lucky!

The rest of the world has to rely heavily on maintaining long distance relationships via phone calls, email and the occasional driving trip when possible. That is what make keeping Discus and being part of the hobby so great. It creates bonds between people who before where perfect strangers who simply shared a common interest in Discus.

It is not to uncommon to purchase Discus and a year later have the person you purchased from buy Discus back from you. Trading Discus is also a common occurrence amongst hobbyist who know and trust each other. How do you get in to this inner circle? Let me tell you:

  • Venture out of your house!
  • Attend Discus shows and conferences
  • Be active and comment on Blogs like this one
  • Join Discus forums and contribute positively to conversations
  • Visit local breeders and see what’s new

Go out and find a great Discus breeder. You have to go find them. So go!

Questions For You

Have you found a great Discus breeder?

Do you attend Discus shows or conferences?

Have you ever sold Discus?

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